Licensing Oracle in the Skytap Cloud


This paper provides an overview of licensing Oracle programs using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on POWER/AIX VMs in Skytap Cloud. There is much confusion about Oracle licensing, especially in virtualized or cloud environments. While a lot of the discussion and confusion centers around x86 virtualization, the same issues and principles apply to POWER environments. Many of the references in this document point to discussion and legal challenges resulting from running virtualized x86 platforms. The information and precedents established in those forums apply directly to POWER as well.

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Licensing Oracle in The Skytap Cloud Power/AIX

The Vanishing Database Administrator – Survey

DBA Job Stressors

The Vanishing Database Administrator: Survey of Data Professionals’ Career Aspirations, was produced by Unisphere Research and sponsored by Ntirety.Unisphere Research is the market research unit of Unisphere Media, a division of Information Today, Inc., publishers of Database Trends and Applications magazine and the 5 Minute Briefing newsletters.

This survey is loaded with lots of good data. Learn what are the primary job stressors of the of your DBA’s. Did you know

41% of data professionals intend to leave the data management field within the next 10 years
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Database Virtualization (Monster VM) – vSphere 6

SQL Satuday Austin #461

This presentation was given at SQL Saturday Austin #461. The presentation is based upon a top 10 presentation “Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right given” at VMworld last year in Barcelona and the US. In this presentation we will teach you how to properly virtualize any business critical application with specifics on databases and VMware newest release vSphere 6.0. A database is a very resource intensive by its very nature a monster VM and one of the most resource intensive applications you will ever virtualize. If it is not done correctly you will not be successful. This presentation will teach you how to do it right. We will discuss why you virtualize a database, using the right hypervisor, installation, Architecting for performance, the storage layer, the processor, Memory considerations, the network layer. Topics include NUMA, Memory reservations, Network details to how to avoid common mistakes. Special Thanks to Jeff Szastak, Don Sullivan, David Klee and Kanan Mani who helped in the creation of this presentation.

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Virtualizing Databases: Doing IT Right – The Sequel

VAPP1318 Database Virtualization VMworld

Virtualizing Database Doing IT Right – The SeQueL  was given at both VMworld Europe and VMworld USA. It was a top 10 presentation at VMworld. This was a collaboration of  Michael Corey, President of Ntirety and Jeff Szastak, VMware, Inc.






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Virtualizing SQL Server 2012: Doing IT Right

NEVMUG Winter Warmer

A SQL Server database is a resource intensive application, and thus requires attention to its implementation on a vSphere platform. Attend this technical session to learn how to properly virtualize SQL Server on a vSphere platform. This presentation is the joint work of Michael Corey of Ntirety and Jeff Szastak of VMware.



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