VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition

VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition

VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition

This week VMware is running another one of their Expert Database Workshops. This workshop is focused on running Oracle on VMware vSphere. The Expert Database workshop will happen April 19, 20, 21. VMware bring experts from across the United States into their corporate headquarters in Palo Alto California to get a deep dive on VMware technology. This year they are teaming up with Pure Storage for this event. To learn more about this VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition or how you might participate in future VMware Expert Database workshops please read http://michaelcorey.com/blog/vmware-experts-database-workshop-oracle-edition-pure-storage/


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3 Responses

  1. victoria
    | Reply

    OMG – this was an excellent event – I am way more impressed than I excepted to be

  2. Michael Corey
    | Reply

    I am really glad you enjoyed the program. Don Sullivan and a lot of other hard working people at VMware do a great job putting this program together and it shows. I am glad to be part of it myself

  3. Jim Hannan
    | Reply

    Victoria, I agree! The information shared at the workshop and the participation by the attendees was great. I admire the passion and enthusiasm the VMware team and engineers have for their products. Exciting to think about where the technology will take us in the next few years.

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