VMWorld Barcelona VMSIG Must See #1

VMWorld Barcelona VMSIG Must See #1

VMWorld 2016 USA is now behind us. There were a lot of great presentations to see. It was a week full of great technical content. The first presentation we would like to call out is VIRT8209 Monster VM’s Doing IT Right. 

VMsig Barcelona

This is a presentation that covers both Oracle, SQL Server and the many issues unique to Monster VM’s. VIRT8209R Monster VMs Doing IT Right was seen presented twice at VMworld USA to a packed audience. On Both Days it made the Top 10 List for VMWorld USA. Not an easy feat given the many great presentations given at VMWorld. Michael Corey has been making the TOP 10 list at VMware for years. Michael has key-noted several IOUG Collaborates and what is knows as Oracle Open World today over the years. Has been been involved with Oracle since version 3. Michael has a very unique style not to be missed. It has been called a cross between stand up comedy and deep technical dive all in one presentation.

This year David Klee from Heraflux is joining Mike as his presenter. David has a very deep understanding of VMWare vSphere. Here is the abstract from the presentation.

Abstract VIRT8209R Monster VMs Doing IT Right

Databases by their very nature are Monster VM’s. If Monster VM’s are not virtualized properly they will never perform well and can negatively performance of other VM’s on the hosts. In this presentation we will teach you how to properly virtualize Monster VM/Databases. We will discuss why you virtualize, installation issues,  how to Architect for performance, the storage layer, the processor, Memory considerations, the network layer.  Topics include NUMA, Memory reservations, how to avoid common mistakes. Lesson learned here help you optimize any workload you are virtualizing. With Special emphasis on Monster VM’s.

  • Learn Best Practices Around Virtualizing Monster VM’s,
  • Learn how to avoid the Most Common Pitfalls when you attempt to virtualize a Monster VMs
  • Learn the business case for virtualizing Monster VM’s

Outline  VIRT8209 Monster VMs Doing IT Right

  • Why Companies Are Virtualizing
  • Virtualization – No Application Left Behind
  • Architecting for Performance – The hypervisor
  • Architecting for Performance – Design
  • Architecting for Performance – Storage
  • Architecting for Performance – Processor
  • Architecting for Performance – Memory
  • Architecting for Performance – Network

VMWorld Barcelona VIRT8209 Monster VMs Doing IT Right

Wednesday, Oct 19, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


This is our first VMWorld Barcelona VMSIG Best Bet recommendation.



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